karen nogle

no stranger to heartache










HUGE thanks to all who came to the CD Release Party at The Scarlet D!  I was simply overwhelmed with the love and support from everyone.

I will have new photos posted very soon!

This project started as an idea to record a few songs and put together a short CD. Many hours and song choices later, we arrived at 14 songs, including originals by Rick Buck & Tommy Cash!

It's been a tremendous adventure and I've learned quite a bit.  If Gary Swartz wouldn't have pushed me, I don't think I would have jumped.  Rick Buck is a genius songwriter, musician and producer...we had too much fun. Many thanks to Gary & Rick!

Who would have thought this girl from Cowan would one day meet up with a nationally known country music recording artist, get to sing with him at one of his shows and then get to sing one of his original songs as a duet with him and put it on her own CD? Thank you so much, Tommy, for believing in me and giving me such great support and confidence!


I'm usually not impressed when I meet local singers at my shows around the country, but Karen Nogle is an exception. This sweet woman can  really sing!  She has a God given talent and she sings like she really means it. One can tell that she has something unique and powerful and it makes you want to turn up the volume.


I listened to every cut on this CD and I was impressed with each song whether it was her singing alone or dueting with Gary Swartz.  This sweet spiritual person not only sings country, she can handle any type of song.  Karen has a great future, and I recommend this CD to all music lovers!  Thanks for including a song I wrote on your album. - Tommy Cash