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CD Release Party Photos!
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CD Release Party Photos!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the CD Release Party....it was overwhelming but I had an absolute fabulous time!  Hope you did, too!

Many thanks to Terry Wray for being the photographer for the night.  The cake was a gift from Tracy & Rick Buck!  We had a bit of a seating issue because it got crowded early!  Whodathunkit??  Thanks to all who squeezed in, stood in the hall, hung out in the bar, and/or sat at a table with others you didn't know!  Extra thanks to my very special friends who hung in there even though I gave away their reserved table in the front and they had to sit elsewhere in the back!

Some of our "usual suspects" (above) sharing their talents during the first set.  Jack Crain, Will Zimmerman, Jim Wetzel, Gary Swartz, Mike Kratzer & Ronnie Scholl.

Below, we had Yogi Glass, Allison Rupert, Tim McNett, Dave, Big Trace, Kingie Hess, Red Shemory, Sue Catherman & Mike Parrish singing for us, too.  Thanks to all!

It seems easier to sing when I have someone with me....thanks to Gary for being there to introduce the songs, help with the stories, be the brunt of my jokes and lend his strong vocals to many of the songs.  The CD certainly would not have been the same without you and your talent, Gary!  How great to have Allison there to add her live, sweet harmonies to "Farther Along". 

Of course, I was trying to back up to see if Mark was laughing or crying when he handed me the roses!  He gets very emotional with the music and has been a tremendous support for all I've been doing with the CD, our weekly trips to The D for Open Mic night and the past 20 years of doing shows with McNett Country.

One of the biggest highlights for me was having our younger son, Bret, with us all night!  He likes a different style of music, so I appreciate him being there to support me all night and for giving me a hug and kiss in front of everyone! Love you much, Bret!